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Adidas Ace Training GK Gloves Youth-AH7808

Brand: Adidas
Product Code: Adidas-AH7808
* Glove Size:

Ex Tax: $27.27
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With the new adidas Ace gloves you've got your equipment in check, when your saves and work is decisive in regards to victory or defeat!

The palm is made with a 3mm thick Soft Grip latex, which provides an excellent grip and delivers good durability in all weather conditions.
The glove comes with a flat palm cut, which is a classic cut with outer stitching. The cut was the first to be used for goalkeeper gloves, and today it is still the most commonly used. The Flat Palm cut delivers a traditional fit, as well as an optimal latex-to-ball contact. 

The backhand is made of a solid EVA material that provides good protection for your hand.

The Ace glove comes with a snug elastic bandage. In addition, it has a side opening, allowing you to easily take the gloves on and off. Moreover, the glove can be adjusted via an EVA strap strap to give you a personal fit.

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